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Fee Remission Form

Fee Remission Form

Disclaimer for Fees and eligibility


The information submitted by the applicant will be assessed for eligibility to undertake the qualification based on the evidence uploaded in the prior attainment details and other information provided in the online form. We will also assess the right fee and help avail the right funds and additional support that may be required based on the document evidence uploaded, information from the form and or otherwise provided to advise on the fees for the course. The fee amounts are subject to change and any changes will be notified prior to start of the course. If your application is successful, we will send you an email with a link to a payment form, for you to pay online. The payment has to be made before the start of the once we’ve approved your application. We aim to get your enrolment confirmed as soon as possible to enable you prepare to continue your journey of education with Middlesbrough College. If your application is not successful, or there's a problem with your application, we'll email you to let you know why. Any additional support or further discussion please do contact the College through information provided on the College website.

Student Reference Number
First Name
Personal Email
Personal Email (enter again)
Date Of Birth

Select your Employment Status

Employment Status

Select your benefits status (if applicable) leave blank if n/a

benefits status (if applicable) leave blank if n/a

If you are employed, go to Section A, If you are Unemployed, go to section B

Section A - Employed

Please tell us how many hours per week you are employed, and how long you have worked for

Emp Intensity
Employment Length

You may be entitled to a fee remission if

  1. You live in London and earn less than £20,962 annualy
  2. You live outside of London and earn leass than £18,525 annualy

Does this apply to you? - Tick for YES leave blank for NO


Section B - Unemployed

Please provide which benefit you are on (if any) and tell us how long youve been unemployed for and why

Unemployment Reason
Unemployment Length


Please enclose copies of your P60/ Payslip

Type of Evidence
Upload File

Type of Evidence Notes Attachment Remove
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If you can't find the course you want, or you have a query about a course, enrolment or fees please call 01642 333333, or email